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Thursday, 3 April 2008


One of the potential money-making ideas that I shall write about more fully sometime is the wonderful, user-designed t-shirt site, Threadless. I've tried in vain to get designs accepted, but the standard both of the ideas and of the execution of the graphic design, is so incredibly high that I've not yet managed. The result is a site with the most brilliant and unusual ideas, and truly innovative works of art that you can buy and wear, anywhere on the web.

Anyway, I'm not going into the submission details right now, I'm just giving a tip that they have the most amazing sale on at the moment. Beautiful t-shirts have had their prices slashed, with some as little as $5. Get down there as quickly as you can, all the designs are available only while stocks last. Get your unusual Christmas gifts there now, the variety surely has something for everyone.

The designs here are among my favourites, all currently on sale at only $5. The top one is "Caged", by Frank Barbara. Below that is "Damn Scientists" by John Slabyk, and under that is "Calling Home", by Glenn Jones. Even if you're not really a t-shirt fanatic, it's still worth heading over to Threadless evry now and again anyway, just to get inspired by the brilliant artwork there, and the sheer volume of it.

If you have any interest in graphic design at all, the user message boards are full of helpful tips from established graphic designers, and you can submit your own work to critique by the community. The site is very popular, so your work is viewed and commented on usually almost as soon as you post it, so you can get really quick, honest and helpful feedback. Shop, participate or just grab a bargain, but hurry - designs sell out quickly, and it's not often that prices are this low!

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