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Monday, 15 December 2008


I'm really impressed with this custom design store. Zazzle has a great range of products - t-shirts, mugs, greetings cards, note cards, postcards, badges, stickers, bags, hats, etc. and is easy and fun to use, whether you just want to create individual, one-off products for your own purchase, or set up a store and make money selling your designs publicly.

It also has some unusual products - you can completely personalise your own Keds shoes, and now you can make designs for embroidery on a range of different products.

Marketing is simple - you can earn money by selling your own products, or by promoting other people's designs in your store, and you can set your own sales margin. Each day, Zazzle gives out awards for the best designs. Although these are kudos only, you do get a nice little rosette next to your product, and it is featured on the front page for that day. The Zazzle model is very well run, with payment credited quickly and reasonable shipping times.

I've found that black and white photographs work a bit better than colour, and vector graphics are really good. I ordered a selection of my own products, to see what the quality is like, and I was surprised and delighted with the professional finish. The cards and envelopes are the kind you'd find in good high street stores, and the gloss finish is perfect. The mugs are good quality glaze and the designs are rendered faithfully. The t-shirts are high quality, and very good value for money.

I've made a variety of products from photographs of flies and butterflies, some vector art and some old family photos with funny captions. My favourites that I've done so far are my Birthday Elephant, Svengali and Matisse's Cat designs.


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